Monthly Archives: April 2010


We bought fridge mainly for milk. But u know we always frgt to keep milk in side the fridge 😉 And on returning home from ofc we realize that milk is curdled. It happened 3 days in a row..n 3rd de I thought of preparing Kalakand jus to make best use of it n console myself. 😉 But it really turned out very well n m waiting when the milk ll curdled next time.. Hehe Ingredients 8 cups of Milk 1/2 cup Sugar Chopped Nuts, Read More +

Kairi chi Chutney

Celebrating Mango season, I prepared this Kairi ( raw mango) chutney today. I know u jus name Kairi n mouth starts watering ;-). I got this recipe from my friend Preeti . No doubt chutney came out very well, but best thing I came to know is,u can store it in freeze for a week 🙂 Ingredients : 1 large size Kairi 1 big onion 2 tsp yellow gram ( soft one ) 1 tsp oil 1 tsp chilli powder 1 tsp cumin + mustard Read More +