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Shengdana Chutney

Spicy Peanuts Powder : Sometimes back I got the request for posting this recipe, and then I realized this chutney is one of the must item in my kitchen and still I have never prepared it. Its always my mom or mom-in-law who send it to me…reason donno…may be its just a habit continued from my Hostel But that day chutney was over and I was very tempt to eat garam garam Bhaat Tup n Chutney …so juss gave it a try Ingredients: 1 Cup Shengdana Continue reading →


1.  Puris to absorb less oil, make dough little hard than chapati dough. Make Puris immediately after dough is ready. 2.  To make Puris more crispy add 1/4 portion of Rice flour or Rava ( Sooji ) to wheat flour 3.  Add 1/2 tsp of Carom seeds to flour while preparing dough. It will give taste to puries 

Watch your Salt / Sodium intake

Sodium can cause bloating with water and can make your tummy or Face actually look flabbier than it really is. It also makes you more susceptible to kidney stones and high blood pressure. Here are few ways to cut down on sodium: Switch from Processed foods to Fresh foods. Always look for the low-sodium versions of the packaged food. Be sparing with Sauces, especially Soy sauce. Take  salt shaker off the table 🙂