Monthly Archives: September 2011

Egg Pulusu

Egg Pulusu or can say ‘Tangy Egg Gravy’, is another awesome south Indian dish I learnt from my roomie. For me, Egg is always preferred option to cook because of two reasons. First, me and Pavan both love it and 2nd most important, its very easy to prepare in any way ;-). So this new dish is just like a treat for us. 🙂 Serves : 2 Ingredients : 4 Eggs 2 Onions 2-3 Green Chillies 7-8 Curry Leaves 1 tsp Red Chilli Powder 1 lemon Read More +

Kothimbir Vadi / Cilantro Cutlets

Pavan n me juss love Kothimbir (Coriander/Cilantro)Vadi and its our default starter whenever we visit Mathura ( resto on JM road).  And every time while njoying there I will promise Pavan to prepare it at home. But finally found last rainy Sunday noon, the perfect time for this snack  🙂 Serves : 2 Ingredients : 2 Cups Coriander leaves (chopped) 1/2 Cup Gram flour 1  Cup Bajani  flour 1 tsp Lemon juice 2 tsp Chilli Powder 1 tsp Ginger Garlic paste 1/2  tsp Cumin Powder Read More +

Sitafal Rabdi

Sitafal ( Custard Apple )  is my most favourite fruit and so Sitafal Rabdi favourite dessert 🙂 . This being a season of Sitafal.. thought to offer it as Naivedyam to Ganpati Bappa and guess bappa also liked it ;P Serves :  2 Ingredients : 1/2 lit whole Milk 2 big Sitafal 4/5  Almonds 1 tsp Milk Powder 2 tsp Sugar Method : Keep milk to boil on low flame. Stir constantly while boiling Add Sugar and stir till dissolved. Boil milk till it comes to half. Now Read More +