Bajri Flour Soup

Now a days  “Aadya’ , new member of our family keeps me busy to find time for updating my blog. But this “Bajri Flour Soup” recipe forced me to take time and post it here for you guys. Actually this  Soup is my mom’s recipe which is good for health post delivery. So after having “Aadya”, continuous two months she cooked it for me and made sure I have it daily. And I too, instead of hating, started loving it day by day. Now not Read More +

Masala Chaas / Spicy Buttermilk

Buttermilk is one of the best refreshing drink in summer. It is easily available in dairy. Or you can blend cup of curd with cup of cold water to make it thin like buttermilk. I remember, when I was in hostel, my mom used to give me the mix of roasted Cumin powder, Black salt,Chaat masala and Asafoetida. I just had to add 1 tsp of it to make instant spicy buttermilk. I used to like that also, but fresh Coriander leaves, Green chillis and Read More +

Moong Dosa

Generally preparing dosa is a headache for me as you need to make at-least 5-6 dosas for each.  You need to be very patient till the end . So i better go for Idli. 😉  But Moong dal dosa are filling, with 2-3 dosas you will be done. Also its very nutritious and easy to digest.  And its very tasty too. Some people prepare it with whole green moong as well. It is more healthy option. Serves : 2 Preparation Time: 15 min Ingredients : Read More +

Varanfal / Chakolya

I learnt this dish from Pavan, but home he will only cook it. You can say, its his Signature dish 😉 and I will simply die to have it. I wanted to post this recipe long long back, but its so tempting that as soon as its cooked, I can’t even wait to take a photograph and finish it in one go.  My mom prepares it with Toor dal, but Pavan uses Masoor dal and I guess that makes it more tasty . Serves :  Read More +

Funke / Waffole

This is my mom’s one of the favorite dish. When i was a kid, all aunties  in our apartment used to have dinner together on our terrace once in a month.  And this waffole, being my mom’s special dish was always in demand by we kids.  Its been looong time I had funke and Takachi kadhi prepared by mom. So that day just thought of serving this new dish to pavan. Serves : 2 Ingredients : 1 Cup Toor Daal 3 Tsp Moong Daal Handful  Read More +