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1. Always give a oil massage to your hair before you apply shampoo. Use warm coconut oil for massage. Do it at least 2 hrs before you wash your hair. This will solve your 50% of problems related to hair. 2. Curd is a natural conditioner for hair. Apply curd on your hair. Keep it for 20 min and wash hair with warm water. Then apply oil for 1 hour. Now wash hair with shampoo. This gives shine and softness to hair.


Soak Masoor Dal ( Red Lentils )  overnight in milk. Next day grind it to smooth paste. Apply this paste on face and leave it for 20 min. Wash the face with cold water. You can feel the soft and fresh skin. It plays like a magic for dry skin.


Take the  mixture of Lemon juice and Glycerin in equal parts and dip your nails in that for 10 min. It  makes nails more strong and glossy. If nails are brittle repeat process regularly.