Promote Raw Food:

Now a days many celebrities are adapting Raw Food lifestyle because of their health benefits . But again the extent of raw food benefits are being widely debated.

We can only think in a way that excess of anything is dangerous and can decide on the raw food proportion in our daily diet say 20%.

Raw food consist mainly of fruits, Nuts, Salads and Seeds.

To list few of its benefits :

  • Increased level of energy
  • Natural weight loss
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improved digestion because of the enzymes in raw foods

Watch your Salt / Sodium intake

Sodium can cause bloating with water and can make your tummy or Face actually look flabbier than it really is.
It also makes you more susceptible to kidney stones and high blood pressure.

Here are few ways to cut down on sodium:

  • Switch from Processed foods to Fresh foods.
  • Always look for the low-sodium versions of the packaged food.
  • Be sparing with Sauces, especially Soy sauce.
  • Take Ā salt shaker off the table šŸ™‚