1.  Do not store Potatoes and Onions together. It will rot Potatoes quickly.

2.  Place an apple in a bag of Potatoes to prevent it from budding.

3.  Boiled Potatoes packed  in zip lock or air tight container can be stored in freeze for 2-3 days and can be used whenever required for cooking.


1.   To avoid tears while cutting Onions, cut onion in half and keep it in freezer for 10-15 min or put it in cold water for 5-10 min and then chop it.

2.  You can store chopped Onions in ziplock bag or airtight container in freeze for 2-3 days and can use whenever required for cooking. It saves time.

3.  If onions are too strong in Taste or smell for Salad, chop then and keep it in freeze for a day. This milds onions taste and make it ready Salad.