Ukadiche Modak

I prepared Ukadiche Modak to offer it to Ganpati Bappa on Anant Chaturthi, as Bappa loves it and Me & Pavan too ;-).  Being it the first time, I made mistakes, wastage…so much that at one point thought to give up. Finally prepared 5 Modak for Naivaidyam. But to our surprise…it came out well. Tasty ! Not sure if  it made Ganpati Bappa  Happy ..but definitely Pavan was very happy with my efforts 😉 Ingredients : For the covering: 1 Cup Rice Flour 2 Cup Read More +

Dahyachi Chutney

Actually I learnt this simple and tasty recipe from my cook. I always used to have plain Curd with Paratha or Thalipeeth.  One day she realised that I just asked her to prepare Lauki Thalipeeth and no side dish.  Then she asked me you will have it with a pickle ? I said NO, Curd. She said why don’t you try Tadka on that Curd. First I hesitated as Pavan loves plain curd but later asked her to do it only for half of the curd Read More +

Besan Laddu

Its been long time I have updated my site. Actually these Laddus I prepared on the occasion of Dasera last year, but no one finished it till Diwali. No its not like Laddus were not tasty, but no one in my family does like it so it was my responsibility to finish all 5. And to my surprise I observed Laddus are getting more tasty each passing day and for last one me and Pavan literally fought 🙂 Serves : 2 Ingredients : 2 Cup Gram Read More +

Moong Bhaji / Pakoda

Last to last weekend me and Pavan went to a Diwali exhibition for shopping. There we came across ready to eat Moong Pakoda mix. Being an exhibition, one lady was frying Moong bhaji with lot other stuff and offering it to taste. It was really good and Pavan insisted to buy it. But I promised him that going back home I ll prepare better pakodas than her for him. No need to say, I kept my promise 🙂 Serves : 2 Ingredients : 2 Cup Moong Dal Read More +

Methi Thepla

Actually I was forced to prepare this Methi (Fenugreek leaves) Thepla as attempt to make a Methi Sabji was complete flop. Nooo it was not my fault, but Methi was little bitter for curry. I don’t mind Methi being little bitter, but was not possible for Pavan to digest 🙂 So used my skills  to convert that curry into something edible….hehe But here m posting a original Thepla recipe for you. so don’t worry. Serves : 2 Ingredients : 1 Cup Methi leaves 2 Cup Wheat Flour 2 Read More +